I am Talanted!

L. and Susan have a tutor come to the house twice a week to teach them Turkish. When she arrived last night I was kneeling by the coffee table, working on my Thanksgiving masterpiece- a hand turkey. We’re having people over for Thanksgiving and L. had spent a portion of the morning making red, brown and orange paper chains to string up. Not to be outdone I traced my hand on a brown paper bag and cut it out, and cut a triangle and blob out of red for a beak and wattle, and orange legs. I was fiddling with a glue stick and some red finger-feathers, and I think I’d just said something to the effect of, “Six year olds got nothing on me!” when the tutor arrived.
She gravitated right over to the coffee table and said,
“What are you working on? Oh, it’s so nice that you are all so artistic!”
“Um,” I said, “A hand turkey?”
She looked at it, her face a mask of polite attention.
“Oh, the, er, colors are so nice! That’s very, very nice!”


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