Education pt. II

The next morning I went to English Time again to ask them some hard questions like,
“So… were you guys going to offer me a contract, or…?” and
“Um, were you going to give me full time employment or part time or…?” etc etc.
The woman in charge of teachers was out- a family matter and no one knows when she’s coming back.
“Could someone please help me figure out exactly where I am in the hiring process?” I asked the nice (handsome) office manager. “I’ve had an interview and I’ve shadowed four teachers, now.”
He smiled, (handsomely) and shook his head. “You’ll have to talk to _____,” he said. “She’ll be back tomorrow or Monday, I’m sure.”
When I went home DILKO had called three times and sent me an e-mail and a text message asking me to come in ASAP for a follow up interview and to sign my contract.

I paced back and forth and thought and thought. I sat and stared out of the window and chewed the ends of my hair and tried to think of all possible outcomes.

The problem with life is that you never know how something is going to turn out until it’s long done.

Should I take the job in Taksim that’s farther away and pays far less, but has fewer hours and is, more importantly, a sure bet? Or should I chuck it and hope that English Time was planning on hiring me full time? I thought wistfully of the ten minute commute, the rent allowance, the bonus upon completion of contract.
I called DILKO and told them I’d be there within the hour.

So tomorrow is my first class, my first day as an English teacher. Wish me luck.

And FYI, ye who are thinking about coming to Istanbul to work, in Turkey paychecks are given out monthly. I hadn’t thought of this possibility. I won’t see any money until mid-January.

I have looked (through my fingers) at my bank balance and determined that I have just enough to live for the next six weeks, but the next chapter of this blog will be entitled “Istanbul on 110TL a week!” Stay tuned.


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