Cute. Horrifying. Cute. Horrifying.

Happy spring, y’all!

One of my students mentioned that he’d gotten his toddlers two chicks and a duckling to play with, and it struck me as being a very turn of the century thing to do- like drowning cats in a mill pond or something. He said, casually, that one of the chicks had already died but the other two were okay.

At any rate, this guy hangs out in Mecediyeköy every day with his box. As you can see you can pick your own baby chickens, regular or neon, or a duckling, and a little baggy of seed. When duder takes a break to smoke or wiz or whatever, he just puts the cardboard lid on top and wanders away and if you happen to be walking by at that moment you become incredibly confused by the loud cheeping sound that seems to be coming from the ground.


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One response to “Cute. Horrifying. Cute. Horrifying.

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Pretty unique.

    Would it really be that hard to have a slightly bigger box? OR maybe even… two boxes?

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