Things I Slept Through

Here are some things I’ve slept through in the past two weeks:

1. Earthquake aftershocks.

(A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Eastern Turkey on May 19th. I was at home, dozing in front of Shameless, the British version, which you really must see if you haven’t already, when the aftershocks hit Istanbul. I didn’t know there had been an earthquake until I woke up the next morning and read an e-mail from my mom.  Later I found a water glass on the floor that had apparently shimmied off the coffee table, ((or did I flail in my sleep and knock it off? I AM a notorious flailer.)) and when my roommate got home from her holiday she found that the books on the shelf in her room, which are usually arranged so that the spines form a smooth line, were pushed back unevenly towards the wall.)

2. A bombing.

(Several of my students and at least one co-worker heard the bomb go off at around six in the morning, but not me. My co-worker expressed surprise that the day went on as usual, that all his students showed up for their classes. ‘I would have thought they would want to stay home,’ he said. ‘I almost called before I came in to see if school was going to be cancelled today, but then I thought, nah, I’ll go in anyway and see what people are saying about it.’ Aww, buddy. Takes more than a little suicide bombing to interrupt commerce around here.)

Things I have not slept through in the past two weeks:

1. Cats making love in the back yard. Or possibly fighting. Or possibly both.

2. Kids having a loud argument, I think about a ball, in the park behind our apartment. At eight in the morning.

This makes me wonder what’s happened to all my evolutionary safety mechanisms.


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