The Picture I Didn’t Take- in the hamam.

Today I’m starting a new series of blogs about pictures I didn’t take but wished I had. I have shamelessly ripped off this idea from this man who hopefully will never notice. I wish I had thought of it first.

This is a picture I did not take of four middle aged, rather plump ladies lounging on a marble dais in the antechamber to a steam room. They are all naked except for identical pairs of sensible black underwear and rubber sandals. Their breasts droop and they make no effort to suck in their comfortable, round tummies. Lunch has just come and they are eagerly grabbing slices of cheese pizza from a box and two things strike me: 1. it’s the most American looking cheese pizza I’ve seen since I got here, (the sauce and cheese are the right color, no corn as a topping) and I kind of want some and 2. There is a regular room nine steps away, with a table and everything. Why are they eating pizza in a sauna?


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