This Week In Links

Also new here on WasConstantinople: a weekly roundup of things around the internet I think are worthwhile to read and share. Hope you do too. Some of ’em are Turkey-related, and some of ’em are just things I enjoyed.

For instance:

Did you know that  a Muslim Facebook is coming this Ramazan? And that its headquarters are located in Istanbul? Any thoughts?

If you’re an artist or a writer or a musician, or anything, really, Make Your Thing is required reading. Part pep-talk, part tough love, part practical advice, if Jesse Thorn’s 12 point program doesn’t inspire you to get off your butt and start doing stuff, you might as well hang it up now.

World, please meet Poppy Cannon, who just might make Sandra Lee look like Alice Waters. Also, why doesn’t anyone flambee things anymore? I think I’m gonna pick up some rum and one of those long-handled clicky lighters on my way home. Roommate, cats, and kitchen ceiling paint: consider this your warning.

I haven’t delved into sexual politics in Turkey on this blog, yet. Whenever I think about it I get incredibly weary, as Hercules must’ve after he saw Augeus’s stables but before he got that clever river idea. Here’s a taste: a conservative party, (delightfully named the Felicity party, apparently?) wants special pink metrobuses for women only!

This article is dry, but the content, and moreso the implications, is interesting. I learned today that Turkey is one of the only countries investing in Iran.

I love the Walters. I think it’s the best museum in the whole wide world, but that may be my considerable hometown bias. Regardless, it’s doing really, really cool things now. If you aren’t facebook friends with them, you should be. Their art of the day posts are awesome. And if you aren’t listening to their podcast, your loss, buddy.

Urban Planning enthusiasts and historical building buffs prepare your outrage now: what cost growth in Istanbul?

On the off chance that you haven’t seen this/cried over the Joseph Kony video, here‘s some information on how to be part of the solution.

And here is a compelling counterargument. Discuss!

And finally this bit about the Book of Revelations as a series of ancient, satirical political cartoons. That actually makes more sense, but then again, just about anything does.


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