This Week In Links

I am thankful that Spring has finally come to Istanbul. 

You can be grateful that it was a brisker news week and I don’t feel compelled to pad with jokes.

So I’m proud to call Maryland, where people purchase drugs with stolen bottles of laundry detergent, my home state.

I first read this article on hangover cures when it came out four years ago. I thought it was interesting then and I think it’s interesting now. So in honor or St. Patricks Day and the imminent spring break, read all about the science of Hair of the Dog.

Simon Doonan can do no wrong in my eyes. Here he is in royal style.

Speaking of fashion, here’s a moderately interesting slide show of Madam fashion statements. (It inspired me to rewatch Pretty Baby, which, number one, ick, and number two- WWW, Susan Sarandon was a whore, not a madam. Dummies.)

Also speaking of fashion, I know this is stating the obvious but Karl Lagerfeld is a lunatic. I guess on some level I was precognizant of his wearing a bespoke nightshirt based on a 17th century pattern and made of the purest white linen to bed every night, but somehow I was floored by the housing situation.

Dems put make a ridiculous spectacle of male reproductive health. Nice quid pro quo, ladies! On a related note, when I try explaining that republicans don’t want ladies to be able to take their lady-pills, my Turkish friends (admittedly I don’t have conservative Turkish friends) look, if possible, MORE baffled than when I try explaining that republicans don’t want people to have health care.

And finally, what happens when a 35 year old man retakes the SAT’s? He writes a hilarious if, (I agree with the proctor) maddeningly colloquial account of it. (By contrast when a 32 year old woman tries to teach the verbal skills for the SAT to foreign language students, she realizes she remembers very little of the vocabulary anymore and disappears into an unclever shame spiral.)


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