The Week In Links

Oh my god, is it really Thursday again? Is it really the end of March? Time flies when you’re enjoying the fact that it no longer rains eight days out of twelve and finally enjoying the view from the park at the end of your street.

Why don’t you live in Istanbul, again?

But enough questioning your life choices: on the the best links I found this week.

I’m awfully glad this fellow, who calls himself OttomansandZionists, is blogging about politics. Someone has to, but I’m too busy writing about the dog I’m kind of obsessed with that lives by our dumpster. We all have priorities. But this is an interesting take on how Turkey’s foreign policy seems to be essentially: Look Busy and Gloss Over Everything!

And on the homefront, here’s a lovely photo-blog of The Enchanted Forest, which I drove past almost every day for something like five years.

If that made any other Catonsville/Ellicott City ex-pats homesick, here’s a nice article about it from the NYT my mom sent me. Reading it made me realize I’ve been pretty blessedly free from this disease. I mean, I am desperately, soul-achingly taco-sick, and there are lots of things I miss sometimes, (Rite Aids, actual burgers that aren’t McDonalds or what the Turks call burgers but are actually closer to sausage rolls, privacy…) but mostly I’ve adapted pretty well, I think. Anyone have any thoughts about their experiences with homesickness?

SPEAKING OF TACOS: how long d’you suppose the range on this taco-delivering unmanned drone is? ‘Cause this is just about the best thing ever and I WANT THIS SERVICE RIGHT NOW.

What do I love more than tacos? Books. Here is a really interesting article about Cassanova, whose actual physical memoirs are out of private hands for the first time since 1798. The story of the poor book is fascinating, and I now have yet another book on my summer reading list.

Speaking of things that have been banned, (man, I am on a segue ROLL today!) what the (pardon my french) FUCK is going on with the parents of the millenial generation? Do you all think your kids are Victorian damsels, to be wrapped in cotton wool and kept in state of complete innocence until they graduate from high school? Jesus H Christ. If it isn’t enough to ban words like “birthday party” from standardized tests in New York, some poor teacher has been suspended for reading Enders Game to his students. I’m appalled.

And finally, a little levity from this website that I just found and find utterly delightful.


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