Jehovah’s Witnesses, Update

I was out at the bar the other night, shooting the shit, when some fella announced that he’d seen real, live Jehovah’s Witnesses on the bus.

“I mean, how weird, right? In Turkey! Who knew!”

I opened my mouth to say something like, “I KNOW, right?” and then launch into my own Jehovah story, maybe with a few beer-embellishments, when A, who has a strong sense of right and wrong and the endearing habit of going all intense with indignation over things that just make the rest of us go, “huh,” said, sharply,

“How did you know they were Witnesses?”

Fella explained how he’d identified them, (I got distracted by the mixed nuts and didn’t pay strict attention) and A said,

“That is totally not right. They shouldn’t be here. They can’t approach people like that. Proselytism is illegal in Turkey.”

Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that, but now I remember Supercilious Susan bringing it up sometime during my first few weeks here.


It explains why Turkey has the milquetoastiest Witnesses, like, ever. As fear of prosecution rises, I imagine, fear for my immortal soul must correspondingly decline.



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3 responses to “Jehovah’s Witnesses, Update

  1. Yeah, makes sense. I guess there is probably some technical distinction between asking if you want more info on ‘x’ and “illegally” pushing your merchandise. Perhaps they can get away with soft-selling.

    when A, who has a strong sense of right and wrong…

    So, does “A” think that outlawing proselytism (or free speech, generally) is right?

    • Well that raises some interesting questions, G. I can’t speak for A, but I think you have to allow for differences in interpretation of what free speech means between cultures, and also factor in the rightness or lack thereof of following a country’s laws, tacit and explicit, while you’re a guest there.

      • I guess so. I’m just wondering if part of “A”‘s moral compass includes approval of free speech, because it somewhat sounded like she was opposed to it and not simply making a comment on its (il)legality in Turkey.

        [Not meaning to distract from your punch line, which I enjoy]

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