The Week In Links

Good lord, what a week! For me it’s been full of sunshine and socializing and playing at revolution, so there hasn’t been much time for sitting in front of the computer reading interesting things. But please do enjoy my meager offerings:

First off, have you heard of Teju Cole? If you haven’t, why not? What’s wrong with you? Here is his twitter feed, and here is an NPR article explaining why his tweets are the most amazing things in the whole world. Trust me. This will change your life, and if you’re a writer Teju Cole will give you a total Saliere-mal fit.

Okay so we haven’t talked about this before, and now’s a good time to start. I was, as many of you know, a bikini waxer for nearly ten years. I’m supposed to be writing a book about it now. I am very lazy, and very very behind schedule. Anyway, I was a bikini waxer, but I’m also a feminist, and I feel really lucky to have come of age in the nineties, when everyone but strippers and neurotic ballerinas sported full bush. I have nothing against hair removal, I have nothing against not removing hair. I think it’s a style choice that has been over-politicized on both sides. I live in Turkey now, where hair is generally considered dirty, and everyone, men and women, tend to shave it off. (It was very strange getting used to the idea that men shave their pits here. They think it’s really strange that American men don’t.) The most interesting thing about this article to me, (and I’m just discussing pubic hair here- I don’t feel strong enough to tackle the surgery part yet) is that young women feel pressured to shave their boxes, and that a sample of men find it completely disgusting if they don’t. Of course, these are all young guys. The under-30’s. And do you all remember guys at that age? In high school and college, I think, boys have a weird hositility towards girls’ bodies. God forbid, for instance, that you didn’t shave your legs for two days and then went out on a date. The boy would be grossing his dude friends out with that anecdote for weeks. There’s immense pressure at that age, even in the free-wheelin full bush-sportin nineties when overalls were sexy, to always smell of strawberries, have smooth legs, never ever to fart. I still remember the casually cruel comments my guy friends would make about my body- “It’s weird that I can see your veins through your skin. That’s actually really gross.” “You look like a cocker spaniel.” “Your nipples are weird.” Young men are just overly critical of young women’s bodies. It takes time and maturity, I think, for them to realize that women are, all of us, mammals, and that that’s pretty awesome, and that yes, he IS as the article said, lucky to just be down there. So if no pubic hair is the new norm, and it appears it is, and if young men are critical of girls who don’t conform to that norm, as they are wont to do, why is that any different from dudes getting grossed out over girls not shaving their pits? Why is this such a loaded argument? Thoughts? In the comments, please.

Thanks Jackie, for bringing this to my attention. The NYC municipal archives have put a BUNCH of old photos of the city online. It’s pretty awesome.

And here is a tumblr from a man who takes his sandwich science VERY seriously.

And finally, a very interesting post about a new political group in Turkey.



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  1. I wonder what Turks think about continental European women who don’t shave their pits? I keep my own white short and curlies sprouting from my pubis controlled with judicious pruning. A full back, sack and crack wax is not for me. Far too painful!

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